Borden’s Best Cheese for special diets

Whether you’re following a fat-free diet or are watching your lactose, we’ve got a cheese for every body!

From Keto to gluten-free, to lactose-free and even fat-free, special diets are a key for so many Americans. Borden believes the joy of cheese should be something everyone should be able to enjoy, so we created helpful and tasty cheese that special diet communities rave about.



Fat Free Swiss Singles

Fat Free Sharp Singles (fan favorite!)

Fat Free American Singles

2% Borden Cheese 

Low fat diets are becoming increasingly popular, and Borden has a plethora of options for those watching their fat macros. Not only do we have a line of fat-free cheeses full of flavor, but we also have 2% cheeses that reduce the fat content in cheese as well.  Hear what low-fat dieters have to say about our fat-free line:

“These are the best cheese slices out there and by far my favorite.” – Ashlee W

“Just had a sandwich with your Fat-Free Sharp Cheddar Singles! They are the only singles we buy.” – Cindy A.

“It’s a catastrophe when I (inevitably) run out of them..”  – Mary A

“These taste just like any other cheese, I think they’re even a little creamier. The bonus of being fat free is a plus!” – Jennifer M.

Recipes to try with this cheese: Grilled Cheese Varieties, French Dip + Swiss, Chargrilled Chicken Ciabatta, California Club Panini

Lactose-free DIET

Lactose-Free American Singles

We hear it all the time: I have to be lactose free but absolutely LOVE cheese! We hear you, and that’s why we made lactose-free singles to save the day — and your burger. Borden Cheese Lactose Free Singles don’t skimp on flavor, either! Hear what the community has to say:

“I love the lactose-free Borden slices, as my husband is lactose intolerant. He’s so happy to have cheese again!” – Joyce C.

“Absolutely delicious. This very lactose intolerant lady can eat this cheese every day without problems!” – Diane L.

Recipes to try with this cheese: Grilled Cheese Varieties, Honey BBQ Burger



Borden Natural Slices

If you’re limiting grains in your diet, cheese can often feel like an awesome indulgence! Borden Cheese natural slices are made without wheat ingredients and are free to consume when you’re watching your gluten intake.

*Please note, while our natural slices do not contain gluten in their ingredients, Borden Cheese and its parent company Borden Dairy cannot be liable for gluten cross-contamination.

Recipes to try with this cheese: Grilled Monterrey Chicken, Chicken Fajita Bowls, Lettuce-Wrapped Juicy Lucy



A pyramid stack of Borden Melts packages on a wood countertop

All Borden Cheese on Keto is a go!

Packed with protein, cheese is a hero ingredient in keto diets, which limit carb consumption. In fact, cheese is a staple of keto, which we love to see! All Borden cheeses are fair game when you’re reducing your carbs and amping up protein.

Recipes to try with this cheese: Grilled Stuffed Peppers, Classic Beef Chili, Lettuce-Wrapped Juicy Lucy