Before food can be great

It has to be good

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Borden® Cheese starts with quality ingredients.

Quality ingredients, like real milk plentiful in protein and calcium, help yield nutritious and delicious natural cheeses the whole family can enjoy.

Great dairy starts with

Great cows

Cows like Elsie, the beloved Borden® Cheese mascot, who has been an icon of the American dairy farm since her birth in 1936.

Elsie is proudly displayed on the Borden® Cheese package as a pledge to uphold the standards she's represented for over 80 years.

Great cheese should come from

a good place

Borden® Cheese is produced by Dairy Farmers of America, a cooperative of over 8,000 dairy farms across the country.

That means the people responsible for producing Borden® Cheese are farmers who might be local to you, living just down the road.

For over

150 years

Borden® has been producing wholesome dairy

Borden® Cheese follows in the footsteps of the founder of Borden® Dairy, Gail Borden, who always advocated for treating livestock with warmth, care, and compassion.

Great food

Should be shared

Any time people get to sit down and enjoy the company of their loved ones is a moment to appreciate.

Whether savoring a long-time favorite or trying an exciting new recipe with family and friends, sharing a delicious meal together is one of the simplest pleasures there is.

So part of the Borden® Cheese mission is to help families enjoy wholesome, delicious meals as often as they can.

That's why when you make a meal with Borden® Cheese, love is always an ingredient.

Love. Always an ingredient.