Big news:

Borden is now at Coborn’s + Cash wise

We’re so excited to announce Borden® Cheese is now available at nearly all Coborn’s and Cash Wise stores!



Big news: Nearly all Coborn’s and Cash Wise stores are now stocked with the best in Borden® Cheese!


Cheese lovers across Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota can tempt their taste buds with the expansive selection of scrumptious Borden Cheese options:

 🧀 Borden Melts® and Individually-Wrapped Cheese Slices (ooey and gooey)

 🧀 Borden Snack Bars and Sticks (perfect for lunchboxes + snacking!)

 🧀 Borden Shredded Cheeses (even outta the bag)

 🧀 Borden Natural Cheese Slices (so many possibilities)


We’d love to hear from Coborn’s and Cash Wise shoppers who have tried Borden products. Connect with us on social. We’d love to hear from you!